A smart camera with most attention to detail

A smart camera satisfying the highest standard
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1280*720 HD, 135°wide angle

clear picture, large view high coverage
HandView adopt a better performance camera lens, 720P screen, perfect detail show, 135°wide angle, covering every corner, free of dead corner.
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Original sound wave binding

Global first sonar IOTTM
HandView adopt body harmless sonar technology, having more convenient user experience.

Original video lock, protecting privacy and security

HandView’s original video lock, lock real-time video watching and video playback,
you cannot watch any video before you input the password, protecting your privacy safety.

Free storage, safe and reliable

Wonderful video, keep your happy memory alive.
A simple Micro SD card can keep your happiness forever.
Local storage prevent the leakage of your privacy, be more safety and save your money.

compact structural design

Chose ABS+PC as the body material, silver sandblast aluminum oxide in the box,
thought all the details before we start, after 55 times of proofings and 27 workstages,
the most delicate smart camera.
Ithink HandView adopt special customizing module, constantly adjust the structure,
and maximize the space into 1cm.

uncompromising experience

The product experience in the first place, is HandView i1 the first thing to do.
HandView, the use of the more concise powerful magnet base, built-in magnet at the bottom of the fuselage can be solid adsorption on the ground,
can be directly adsorption in the iron objects.
Use "convenient" describe HandView installation without too much.