Technology Parameter
The most user-friendly, fashionable and high-tech smart wifi camera!

The lens parameters
Camera:1 Megapixels CMOS (100 Wide Angle)
Video Format:720p(1280*720)
Video parameters
Video Compression:H.264
Frame Rate:30 fps
Network configuration
WIFI:802.11b/n/g WLAN
Storage Card:TF(Micro SD)
Max Storage:64G(40 days)
Function configuration
1)Powerful double alarm system: PIR+Motion detection,alarm correction rate up to 95%.
2) Unique alarm mode: notification push+alarm sound(camera ring)+alarm tone (calling users’ phone)+video push(30s video push)
3) Clear video at night: 14pcs automatic LED night lamps.
4) Wide field of view: 100 degree field angel, cover the whole detection area.
5) offline working mode: work as a video recorder without wifi.
6) Unique video lock: ensure security&privacy.
7) video share: a camera support 15 accounts to share the video.
Size parameters
Other parameters
Temperature Range:In: -10-50℃ Out: -20-55℃
Humidity: In: 20-50%, out: 20%-70%